Pre-treatment equipment

Pre-treatment and physio-chemical treatment equipment.

Grids, sieves, decanters, filters and degreasers.

Any water treatment plant must comprise a series of equipment whose purpose is to preserve the proper functioning of the purification system and the equipment and elements that are part of the plant.

The equipment performs physical separation unit processes of solid or suspended contaminants

Grids and sieves, there are different steps, sizes and for different flows, the choice of one or the other depends on different aspects.

Desareners, Decanters, gravity being the cause of the phenomenon, it is found that the shape, size, depth or other aspects make choosing a circular, longitudinal, lamellar, etc. arrangement.

Filtration, in its different possibilities, your choice will depend on the size, volume and chemical characteristics of what you want to separate, the filtration may be surface or in depth, varying the filtering loads or type of support.

Degreasers, the elimination of fats or oils is essential to the previous realization of the purification or purification of any water, the chosen systems can be simple or those that use air to generate the flotation of the fats and their better elimination. The latter are used when the water has large amounts of fats or when it is very important to completely remove them.

The combined use of part of these purification techniques gives rise to the so-called physical-chemical purifiers, which are common in industries that generate spills of inorganic origin such as the chemical, automotive, electronic, metallurgical, etc. industries. its design will be done once each case has been studied.