Auxiliary equipment for energy, pumping and storage

Auxiliary equipment for energy, pumping and storage.

Prumps, tapers and screws, tanks, electrical installations.

In hydraulic processes water is transported from one point to another, increasing the kinetic energy of that fluid, overcoming unevenness and pressures, this is achieved with the use of pumping systems.

In order to determine the pumping system appropriate to a specific problem, a series of variables must be taken into account.

Imagen equipos auxiliares de energía, bombeo y almacenamiento

The pump characteristic curves relate the different values characteristic of a particular model, namely speed of rotation in revolutions per minute, performance and power absorbed as well as net positive suction height or NSPH. All these variables are a function of the flow rate, Q.

In water treatment plants centrifugal or positive displacement pumps may appear, depending on the viscosity of the liquid to be pumped.